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Common Dermatillomania Causes – What Makes You Pick?

You or someone you know may suffer with a little known condition that can be overwhelming and have a profound effect for the sufferer called dermatillomania. This condition entails a person picking at their skin, especially when there is a sore on it that has a scab. Many people deal with this problem and have no idea why they pick. Learn more about dermatillomania causes and what you can do to stop picking.

Medical Breakthrough Helps Cure Picking & Chewing Compulsions Naturally

No one is sure what causes a person to suffer with this picking issue. One thread that has been found throughout the people picking is emotional stress. People deal with the stress they feel in different ways. Picking has been determined to be a side effect of emotional stress and emotional trauma. The exact cause of this disorder has not been found as of yet.

Some researchers have found skin picking to be apparent when a person suffers from certain diseases. Diseases like diabetes, systemic lupus, and liver disease are some of the conditions that have been found to have picking as a symptom. If you have these diseases in your family history, your chances to develop a picking issue are greater.

Stay Busy

Trying to stop picking can be challenging, especially when you have nothing else to occupy your mind. The greatest way to delay a picking session is by forgetting it. The longer you keep forgetting, the less likely you are to start picking. This is especially true for the person that picks off scabs. Allowing a wound to heal completely can be challenging for a picker, but doing so time after time helps to disassemble this disorder.


Your doctor may prescribe an antidepressant or an anti-anxiety drug for help you to stop picking your skin. Many people have found these drugs to be helpful. You may have emotional issues you are not aware of being bothersome. You might consider thinking about your stress and how you could benefit by talking about it with a counselor.

Most experts agree there is a mental issue connected to skin picking. Treating this problem naturally has worked for some people. Higher levels of Inositol, a B vitamin, have been found to provide some relief of the urge to pick. Learning more about B vitamins and the deficiency symptoms related to it can be helpful to you ending your battle with this unsettling disorder.

Medical Breakthrough Helps Cure Picking & Chewing Compulsions Naturally

Dealing With Stress

Finding ways to deal with stress is essential to your good health. When stress pushes you to picking, knowing another way to relax can help a lot. Think of the places around your home you find most comforting. Think of a pastime like reading or building model cars when you retire to your private quiet place to relax. Making things to do in place of picking is a good idea.

While Dermatillomania causes are not clearly understood, you can safely say this disorder stems from anxiety and emotional turmoil. Many people have endured horrible trauma and end up with these kinds of issues while they try to live life without the memories of a traumatic event. Talk to your physician about the steps you can take to end an obsession with picking the skin.

Medical Breakthrough Helps Cure Picking & Chewing Compulsions Naturally

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